Questions to Live By

Let's begin a conversation as a community...

1.  A question for Israeli/Jewish settlers; for Aung Sun Suu Kyi, the armed forces and the non-Muslim majority of Myanmar; for Trump, anti-immigrant Americans, ICE agents and white supremacists; for ISIS; for billionaires, for Spain; for ourselves: What is the nature of the freedoms you enjoy that others do not, and how does that affect you?

2. What is the most pressing question of our time? Who must you/we become to answer it? 

3. If you did not doubt the power of your words, what would you say…

  • To yourself?
  • To the Earth?
  • To your ancestors?
  • To future beings?

4. What would bring the greatest healing to America now? 

5. What are you most afraid of and what might happen if you were less afraid?

6. What is the leap you have not made?