The leaders we choose will be those that lead out of love. And love means intimacy, as in to know deeply, to be close, respectful, loving and familiar – as in family. Therefore our president and all government officials responsible for decisions that affect the Natural World should be required to have a deep working knowledge of that world. Just as a doctor or surgeon must understand the human body and its processes, a person in government must, above all, love and understand the Earth. This is common sense: a chef must know how to cook; a priest, imam or rabbi must know the bible, the Koran, and the Torah, in order to serve his or her congregation.  

Our leaders will also know and care about us and the people of the world. They will want the same for other people’s children as they want for their own. They will respect all cultures, all beliefs, all traditions, religions and identities as they respect their own. They will honor all the ancestors and all the children of the future. They will seek alliances. They will listen. This is essential. No businessman shall be in charge of the EPA. The recklessness of running Nature like a business will cease. There is a difference between leadership and management. No profiteer shall decide the fate of wilderness.

Privilege does not mean belonging to a country club, having undue influence, or avoiding taxes. Our leaders will understand that the only privilege that matters is the privilege of being alive. Life is a gift, Earth’s bounty is a gift. Every human being is a gift. Gifts are to be received with gratitude and humility. Gifts are to be reciprocated.

There will be an understanding among leaders that knowledge and respect for the Natural World supersedes all other knowledge in importance and urgency. 

Our leaders will revere all waters, all forests, all oceans, all mountains, all soil, all animals, all insects, all weather. They will show respect for the great Mystery that has given us life on Earth. 

Oaxaca Protest Sculpture