The Global Elephant in the Room

Ours is a time for reconciliation with mortality, nature and each other…
Let us live now at the edge of our courage to love.
— Jem Bendell, PhD

I interrupt the flow of personal stories about intimate connection with Nature – especially the living beings in and around my home – to offer, instead, the urgent invitation to read Prof. Jem Bendell’s extraordinary and courageous essay, Deep Adaptation: A Map For Navigating Climate Tragedy (IFLAS Occasional Paper 2, July 27, 2018) and his follow-up piece, Hope and Vision in the Face of Collapse – the 4th R of Deep Adaptation (January 9, 2019)

If, like me, you are mesmerized, pulverized, taken down by his harrowing insights (or even if you’re not) please also read the essential piece for this discussion, Deena Metzger’s latest essay, Extinction Illness, published in Tikkun, January 3, 2019.

This conversation is the global elephant in the global room. It is the dilemma, the challenge and, if we’re lucky, our evolutionary destiny in this moment. Please take your time to read and consider these offerings. The Full Moon post on February 19 will offer a place for your comments and stories so that we may deepen and continue this exploration. Please join the conversation. Let’s face this fully, with all we’ve got, together.