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What is Earth Altar?

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This blog is, above all, an expression of wonder. It is an ongoing, intricate, ever-changing love letter to the Natural World, the Ancestors, and the Future. It is an invitation to us all to fall in love with the Earth again so that we may hear Her above the din of human activity and remember how to live.

THROUGH ESSAYS, POETRY, RESEARCH AND PHOTOGRAPHY; EARTH ALTAR SEEKS TO ENGAGE AND INSPIRE A SYSTEMATIC CHANGE IN THE WAY WE INTERACT WITH NATURE AND ALL HER INHABITANTS. Content is organized around four key themes: Peacebuilding, Microbial Alliances, Earth Culture, and Wisdom of the Breakdown. posts ARE replenished in line with the lunar cycle, with each New and Full Moon.

Join us as we rediscover an Earth-centered consciousness that may enable us to create the conditions for all Life to thrive.

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The way of people who are continually adapting to whatever brings them advantage is now dissolving. The great Way will endure.
— I Ching: Myths for Change, Stephen Karcher

Peacebuilding: Borders and Edges


Earth Culture: Questions of Balance

Remember: Natural Law was here before and it will be here after we’re gone. Western Law was not here then, and it will not last.
— M.G., Navajo Wisdom Keeper

Microbial Alliances: The Almighty Biomes


Breakdown: Wisdom of the Breakdown


Community Spotlight

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Earthfire Institute

A wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation center located in the Greater Yellowstone area dedicated to changing how people see, and therefore treat, wildlife and nature. The nonprofit maintains a podcast, monthly Conservation Conversations, blogs and animal stories, a YouTube Channel, and Facebook and Instagram accounts. Help heal our connection with the natural world by visiting or giving to the Earthfire Institute today.

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