Cynthia Travis


Cynthia Travis is a writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker. She is Founder and President of the NGO everyday gandhis (, which has been working in Liberia since 2004, supporting traditional community reconciliation, peacebuilding, ecological restoration and providing scholarships to a small group of former child soldiers and war-affected youth. 

Her films include: The Breakthrough: Choosing a New Road (award-winning documentary and training tapes about mediation in schools in California, New Mexico and New York); Portrait of a Peacekeeper (about legendary Pakistani UN Peacekeeper, Col. Raza Malik,  (now Brigadier General, ret.); The Dead Will Guide Us (about Liberia’s post war traditional Mourning Feast), and The Fight to Forgive (the healing journey of 5 Liberian child soldiers). 

She is a regular contributor of essays and photos to the online magazine, Dark Matter: Women Witnessing ( and has just completed a novel, The Midwife (due out next year). She is working on a collection of essays and a non-fiction book about soil health, gut health and peace in the Middle East. She currently lives on the Mendocino Coast in Northern California.


Photos in this site are taken by Cynthia Travis.


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