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Cynthia Travis

As a writer, given the dire state of the Earth, the question of how to respond is a daily urgency. To that end, writing is my legacy work; a time to distill my passions and my blunders in this most glorious, rigorous practice of asking how to respond to the threat of Earth's extinction? in ways that open doors of insight and a glimpse of what is possible through the act of naming what I love.

Cynthia Travis is a writer, photographer and documentary film-maker. Her blog, Earth Altar, features Full Moon and New Moon posts about her relationships with the animals, plants and insects in her home garden, as well as thoughts on peacebuilding, soil health and the wisdom of the breakdown.

She is the Founder and President of the non-profit peacebuilding organization everyday gandhis, dedicated to community reconciliation, trauma healing and ecological restoration in Liberia, West Africa. All projects there arise from dreams and community dialogue. The Liberia team has now taken full responsibility for the work there.

A collection of essays, Riffs, Rants and Visitations, will be released in 2020. Her current writing project is Atlas of Sorrow: A Natural History of Empire and Family. She lives on the Mendocino Coast in Northern California.

Photos on this site are taken by Cynthia Travis.